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Rock na Bagnie


  1. Ari

    Gabi,Foi muito bom realizar esta exentra contigo, o tempo nos ajudou e a cidade nem se fala.Saiba que fotografar e9 mais que trabalhar, e9 amor.Estarei sempre aqui para realizar o sonho das pessoas, transformando momentos em lembrane7as.Daniel DIniz

    • Hi Darryl, I was at the conference and it was a great day. The pietentasrons were interesting and stimulating. About as far from the stereotypical dry academic input that you’d imagine. I particularly enjoyed your talk around Psychiatric Tales (enough to buy a copy on the spot!)All in all a valuable day and a great opportunity to explore he issues and potential of graphic narrative to deal with all sorts of sensitive and emotive issues.I’ve since read Psychiatric Tales and I think it’s a fantastic piece of work. Your perspective as a care provider is extremely valuable and the perspective you provide can only help in breaking away from the stigma that is often associated to mental ill health.Good Luck with the new edition and your next project

    • Great sketches, pitty about the disiaformntion about homeopathy – you’ve wasted your talent.On a different note, I’ve often wondered what kind of research Professor Ernest conducted at University of Exeter, thanks to your cartoon the mystery has been solved: back in 2002 he sent a standard email to 168 homeopaths pretending to be a concerned mother! Some would probably call it spam. If he was Nigerian he’d probably be accused of fraud, but never mind that…let’s just call great research and extend his grant!

  2. Dzięki wielkie, dużo czasu zajęło mi szukanie w internecie artykułu poruszającego ten temat.
    Bardzo szczegółowo a jednocześnie w mało skomplikowany sposób opisane zagadnienie.

    Polecam serdecznie zainteresowanym.

  3. I really love your blog.
    Excellent colors & theme.

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